What does faith look like in 2020?

By Ken McEachern
Scott Brown
March 29, 2021

Before we answer the question, “What does faith look like in 2020?”, we need to get a biblical definition of real faith. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

     If that doesn’t help you, let me break it down more simply. In Old Testament times, men and women of God had to rest on the promises that God made. God had promised them a Messiah, a Deliverer who would take away the sin of the world. So the men and women of the Old Testament had faith that God would do what He said He would do. In other words, faith is living in a hope that is so real it gives absolute assurance.

     As I think about the question, “What does faith look like in 2020?”, I have to say, “It ought to look like faith at any other time in life.” I know that our humanity gets in the way of our faith but it really shouldn’t. Our faith is strong when things are going well. When we have money in the bank, when the kids are doing great in school, when things at church are easy, when we get a bonus because sales have been off the charts, when everyone in our family is getting along and healthy, it is then that most people say there faith is solid!

      Out of nowhere, something happens, and our faith becomes non-existent. I am reminded in Matthew 14, you know the story. The disciples are instructed by Jesus to put their boat out into the Sea of Galilee and go to the other side to get away from the crowds. When they got almost dead center of that lake, a storm arose. Those grown men, some of whom made their living on that lake, had been in storms before, but on that morning they lost faith. The waves were bigger than ever before, beating them to a pulp, and tossing their boat from side to side.

       We often forget what happened to these same men right before the boat experience. Just before this potential ship wreck, they watched the Messiah feed over 5,000 people with a little boys sack lunch. Not only did everyone eat that day, but there were left-overs. When that event took place, their faith was off the charts! When things were good and comfortable, their faith was unwavering.


We are just like that, when things are the way we want them, when we are getting things our way and we are comfortable, we are people of great faith. All of a sudden, out of nowhere the storms of life invade our little boat, and we are sure of a shipwreck!

       I dare say, that there are things in 2020, that have caused the faith of even the strongest believers to waver. I can only imagine what would be on your list that has happened, or is currently happening in 2020, that has caused you to lose faith, or have a weak faith. Many Christians today that I know, are floundering and being tossed around because their faith is not what it once was, or what it needs to be.

        I said earlier, faith is the assurance of things hoped for, but it is also the conviction of things not seen. That simply means that we are to have a response, and outward expression, of what is inside of us. When I read about people of great faith in the bible; people such as Noah, Abraham, Ester, Nehemiah, Peter, and countless others, I see that they had an outward expression of what was inside of them. My prayer is, that I would have that kind of faith.

    What should your faith look like in 2020, my prayer is that it looks like it did in 2019, the year before that, the years even prior to that. You see dear friends, Peter began to sink in the Sea of Galilee for one simple reason, he took his eyes off of Jesus! Peter became distracted by the things of his surroundings and almost lost his life.  

      My prayer for you ,and for me, is that our faith is strong even when the storms of life seem to be all around us. Is that your prayer? Let me encourage you, when your faith begins to waver, read about the great men and women of faith found in God’s Word.

     “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not see.”

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